Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Billion Dollar Meltdown

Tiger Woods. The World’s Greatest Golfer. The first athlete (if you want to call golfers athletes…that’s a whole different topic…don’t get me started) ever, to earn $1,000,000,000. Beautiful wife. Lovely kids. Sounds like he has everything he would ever need, right? Well, apparently not. Tiger has allegedly had relations with twelve different women across the country, and chances are there are more.

First of all, let me make this clear. I’m not going to hate on Tiger Woods just because of his adulterous lifestyle. You can ask anyone I’ve ever talked to about Tiger, how I feel about him. I can’t stand the guy. I’d rather cheer for the Packers then cheer for Tiger Woods. He could put the ball within 6 inches of the pin, and be in first by 37 strokes, but by his body language you would think he had just put his 12th shot in the drink. Don’t get me wrong. He IS the greatest golfer ever to play the game. He is amazing. But…he’s also a huge baby, who has a temper, and is unimpressed with everything surrounding him. I can’t stand watching him sulk down the fairway, with his huge droopy lips suffocating the rest of his face. Dude. Smile.

Secondly, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you don’t act like a real man, then you don’t deserve a manly nickname like “Tiger.” Hmmm. What is an animal name that suits him better. Something stupid and smelly. Ahhh yes! “Pig Woods.” I like the sound of that. Or, let’s call him by his real name: Eldrick Tont Woods. Whoa…No wonder he needed a nickname. Jeepers.

The part of me that has always disliked Eldrick is happy that his private life has been put under a magnifying glass. It’s proven everything I’ve thought about the guy from the beginning. He is a sad man, unimpressed by everything around him.

A news report today says that Pig’s doctor was caught, and arrested back in October by Canadian police, as he had possession of a certain strain of HGH (human growth hormone). Although Eldrick’s name has not yet been mentioned, we can’t help but speculate that he may have received some of these drugs.

So, without further ado, we will now add Eldrick to the list with Kobe Bryant, Roger Clemens, Wilt Chamberlin, Barry Bonds and countless other professionals, who have tainted their careers with adulterous scandal and alleged performance enhancing drug use.

I’d like to say that all along my dislike of Eldrick was somehow linked to the fact that I knew he was someday going to cheat on his wife and that he was taking performance enhancing drugs, but, alas, I cannot say that. It’s depressing to see another one of the World’s role models go down like this, regardless of my personal feelings toward him.

One billion dollars can buy you a lot of stuff, but it can’t buy you happiness.

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