Monday, December 22, 2008

My Little Sister's Birthday Poem

Preface: It was my sister's 16th birthday yesterday, and this was the poem I wrote her.

If I had some angels, I'd name them all Holly.
To namet hem all differently would be quite a folly.
See, I have a sister who graces that name,
Who is smart cute and funny and bound for great fame.
She smiles a smile that the angels would smile,
That whenever you see it, you stare for a while.
She sings very well, like the angels do sing.
She perks up our ears, and great joy she does bring.
She is a princess, always nice, never cruel.
Her blonde hair and green eyes, make all the boys drule.
Today is real special, its revered and pristine.
'Cause Holly the angel turns sweet sixteen.
So sound all the trumpets, theres one thing to do.
Its time to say Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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