Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Week Before Christmas

Its the week before Christmas, and everything is hopping,
The stores are all packed with last minute shopping.
There's snow on the roads, which makes traffic slow,
There's mittens on hands 'cause its fifteen below.
There's lights on the houses, and decorations on trees,
And secret gift wrapping, so that nobody sees.
There's Nog in the fridge, and cookies are baking,
Hot out the oven, they're mine for the taking.
The stockings are stuffed, the snowmen are made,
And under the tree the last gift's been laid.
Fights with the snowball, and sledding down hills,
Hot chocolate and candy canes to comfort our chills.
All this commotion, year after year,
Has given me doubt, and filled me with fear.
Fear that this chaos has put us in danger,
Of forgetting the gift that came in the manger.
The free gift that God, so graciously gave,
The beautiful gift, that will comfort and save.
Enjoy all the fun that this season can bring,
but remember that Christmas is about Jesus the King.

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