Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'tis the season...wait...not yet

I was thinking…and yes it hurt…about how much things have changed since I was a kid, and how things will be even more different when I have kids someday (well, when my wife has kids…if I have a wife. Hey, wife, if you’re out there reading this…call me?).

Here’s a flash-forward to 2020;
- The Holiday stories I heard as a kid are different. There are weird adaptations to winter classics that are changing the way my kids grow up. For instance, my kids have to read stories about Melty the Snowpuddle (Frosty’s nephew) who battles global warming, and is bullied by El Nino. They read about Rudolph the Reindeer who is socially accepted by all his reindeer friends, because after all, it’s not politically correct to discriminate against reindeer based upon their nose color.
- They don’t enjoy “Christmas break,” but rather have time off during the “winter ‘celebration of several different religious festivals’ break.”
- We can’t enjoy the smell of fresh pine, and the explosion of color exuding from the Christmas tree, because the nation has “gone-green,” and the cutting down of all trees is now illegal.
- Apparently Christmas is now a 3 month holiday because radio stations start playing Christmas songs in October. My kids think Santa is coming before Halloween does.
- The phrase, “Merry Christmas,” has been banned in public, as this could be offensive to someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Now, the correct greeting verbiage is “Merry Winter.”
*** Disclaimer: I have not actually been to the future to see whether or not any of the above is true.

Present Day, 2009:
Can you imagine living in a future where Frosty doesn’t exist, and Rudolph doesn’t have a red nose? A future where you can’t spread joy by wishing someone a Merry Christmas and you don’t get the excitement of everything that comes with a Christmas tree? Gosh that would be terrible!
Here is my challenge to you. Enjoy everything that comes with Christmas while you can. Drink up every moment you get to spend with your family, and cherish every bulb or ornament you get to hang on your tree. Read books, play games, build snowmen. Christmas is an awesome time of year. However, remember this. Jesus’ birth needs to be our focus on this holiday. There can be no greater love or gift, besides Christ. With that being said, I believe Christ has provided us with fun traditions as a way to express and spread the joy that he has brought into our world.
So, be happy and delight in what Christmas means. But maybe wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music. You don’t want to set our lame, 2020 future in motion, by starting to listen to Christmas tunes too soon, do you?

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