Friday, November 27, 2009

Chapter 1

I’ve been joking with my friends for a while, that I would write a book about relationships, and I think it’s finally time to write a little excerpt.

Eggs in a Basket

Every person in the world has two things; a basket and a carton, filled with one dozen eggs. The basket represents YOU. Everything about you. Your personality, your looks, your beliefs. The eggs represent bits of your heart that contain romantic feeling. The eggs are to be given out, or put into others baskets, as you see fit. The more eggs you put into someone’s basket, the more romantic feelings you have for them. The intensity of the feelings, behind the amount of eggs placed into someone’s basket can fluctuate from individual to individual, but the generic scale looks something like this:
- 1 egg = crush
- 12 eggs = marriage, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Let me try to make it a little clearer with an example. There is a boy, and his name is Rex. Rex has quite a few friends, some of them being of the female persuasion. As he hangs out with these girls, he starts developing feelings for not just one of them, but can see himself being with four of them. Their names are Donna, Pauline, Jenna and Chloe. As Rex spends more and more time with these girls, he starts to put “eggs” into their “baskets.” Starting out, he flirts with all the girls, and has a minimal crush on each of the four, so he puts one egg in each of their baskets. Weeks go by, and he continues to hang out with the girls, and he really starts to like Chloe and Donna. He then adds an egg to each of their baskets. More weeks go by, and now he really likes Chloe. As he is adding eggs to Chloe’s basket, he is taking eggs out of the other girl’s baskets.
It’s been nine months and Rex is falling in love with Chloe. He has placed nine eggs into her basket, and is thinking about proposing. However, out of no where, Chloe breaks up with him, and empties his eggs out of her basket. However, when Rex receives his eggs back, they are no longer whole, but they’ve been smashed. Remember, eggs represent bits of your heart. When Chloe broke Rex’s heart, she smashed his eggs.
Due to the romantic disaster, Rex’s carton of eggs will never be the same.
A year passes and Rex is reunited with Donna! As they start to hang out again, Rex is very cautious with his feelings. He slowly starts to put his eggs into her basket, but she can tell that something is different about him, and that he has been hurt in the past. Rex has to explain his shattered eggs.
Eventually Rex gives all of his eggs (whole and shattered) to Donna and they get married and live happily ever after. Blah blah blah. The end result isn’t really the point of the story. Basically, this fun anecdote teaches us to be careful with how we pass out our love and that even when we get hurt, we can still give our shattered love to someone else someday.
The next time you ask someone, “Like oh my gosh. Do you like like him?” Try asking, “How many eggs do you have in his basket?” It gets great reactions, and it will give you the opportunity to spread the analogy.

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Natalie Slagter said...

HAHAHA!! YEEEESSSS! I am so happy you finally started with your book! Also, made me laugh as I remember all the times we talked about the number of eggs we have in peoples baskets! Ahhh...the memories!
I have shared this with multiple people and yes it is a great way to express how you feel! I am looking forward to your next snippet! :)